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Granby Challenger 2018 Events

From Saturday 21 July to Sunday 29 July 2018:

Saturday and Sunday July 21 and 22:
Start of qualifying matches, entry is FREE for Granby Recreation Card holders.

Monday, July 23:
Sponsor recognition evening with Honorary President M.Simon Larose, by invitation only.

From Monday to Friday July 23-27:
Between the two evening games, a wink to the amateurs. Also on Saturday 29 July between the two games of the afternoon.

Tuesday, July 25:
An evening of recognition by the City of Granby, by invitation only.

Wednesday, July 26:
Recognition evening of le Pantheon du tennis, by invitation only.

Thursday, July 27:
Autograph session with small aces and day camp participants.

Thursday, July 27:
Tournament of PRO-AM players and guest clients of the National Bank, by invitation only.

Friday, July 28
Mechoui welcome to all.

Friday, July 28
Evening recognition for the owners of lodges.

Saturday, July 29:
Brunch of the ball hunters.

Saturday, July 29:
Demonstration of a small ace tennis match.

Saturday, July 29:
Trophy awards for men’s and women’s doubles.

Sunday July 30th:
Brunch of volunteers.

Sunday July 30th:
Trophy awards for men’s and women’s singles matches.

For more information (hours, place, etc …), please click here (PDF in french).

NB: Management reserves the right to change dates in case of rain or
Due to the application of ATP and / or IT regulations.